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Spelling Through Morphographs

Reading Ages 7-14 Interest Ages 8-16



Skills and strategies

Give students the tools they need to become successful spellers

A morphograph is the smallest unit of meaning in the English language. They keep the same spelling in different words or change in predictable ways. They are useful in generating new words.

This programme teaches a variety of morphographs (prefixes, suffixes and word bases) and a small set of rules for combining morphographs.

Spelling Through Morphographs is designed to encourage the application of spelling to:

• proofreading skills
• written passages
• daily writing assignments and tasks

The innovative i4 instructional software, included with the Teacher Materials package, automatically tracks words students know to build an individualised course of study.

The four basic game types used in the Spelling Through Morphographs software are:

Major formats within Spelling Through Morphographs

• word and spelling introduction
• affix introduction
• word building
• spelling review
• morphographic analysis
• rule exercises

New morphographs are introduced as a unit that is spelled in a fi xed way. Once a morphograph has
been spelled in at least 4 different activities, they are added to application exercises.


• 13 mastery tests included in the programme which. occur every 10th lesson beginning at lesson 10. Each test includes 20 items with a 70/30 review ration for student success.

• Every 20 lessons there are Review Spelling tests. There are 50 items and include cumulative review.

• There are Spelling Contests every 20 lessons,
where the.class divides into two teams with an
emphasis on fun