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Reading Laboratory 2C

I have been using SRA for 6 months with pupils between Year 8 and 10. Pupils enjoyed the varied reading texts within specific levels and the structure provided.  

The pace and amount of work covered in the Learn about Words section is significant for pupils with short-term memory.  

The visual dimensions of the exercises enjoyed by pupils and are frequently commented upon. Pupils enjoy self-checking and evaluation of the programme. There is lots of information packed into the power builders. 

I have often broken down the power builder cards into smaller chunks for my pupils and used the small chunks for over learning purposes over a series of lessons. 

Pupils enjoy a variety of topics presented and often want to filter through the whole section of their specific level as an end of lesson as relaxation activity. 

Different approaches have been adopted by colleagues, some following through the whole card format, others selecting specific sections to support individual pupils needs. 

The programme has been well received and considered a worthwhile purchase by the department. 

Mary Caron-Courtney, Warminster School, Wiltshire 

I have used the SRA reading Materials over the past ten years and have found them an invaluable resource. At present, as SENCO, I use levels 1b and 2a with the pupils in the Preparatory Department, and Level 2c with pupils in the Senior Department.

The pupils in the Preparatory School often express their liking for the product without being prompted. They enjoy the short stories and giving short one word answers. They work hard to move up the levels and this has a positive effect on their self esteem.

In the Senior School I have used SRA to help pupils to increase their comprehension skills and also to improve their rate of reading. It is particularly useful for students to use during personal study periods.

I have also used it with a pupil with severe communication difficulties. Working in a one to one situation I found the skill development cards particularly useful.

All pupils enjoy the idea of marking their own work and complete their record books.

Pat Skrybant, SENCO, Priory School, Edgbaston.

Dear John,

I would like to thank you for all your help in assisting with the initial purchasing of the SRA. I now have 33 readers over 2 year groups reading 3 lunchtimes a week and taking it seriously. I was initially met with a little resentment from some students who could not understand "why they were doing it!" A few success stories are great inspiration.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm with me and giving me the opportunity to help so many students (even if some of them do not realise what I hope to achieve!)

Kind Regards,
Sue Miller, St Edmund's College, Hertfordshire