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Direct Instruction

“When you are teaching a child with Direct Instruction, you will see the light go on”

With SRA Direct Instruction you can build confidence and ability and prevent academic failure. You can give every child the opportunity to succeed by tapping into the power of research-proven results and get your young readers off to a strong start by teaching active phonics, using fiction and non-fiction text.

  • Give struggling readers the tools to become better learners.
  • Move below-level readers to age level proficiency.
  • Give children a head start in comprehension.
  • Boost language skills through critical thinking and writing.
  • Teach the basic skills and underlying concepts of mathematics.
  • Boost computation and problem-solving skills and get them thinking mathematically.


The results are proven –
the possibilities endless.


Direct Instruction is a teacher-directed instructional method of carefully orchestrated lessons where nothing is left to chance. Everything is taught through demonstration and action and practised until it is fully understood and each child can apply it. Finally, every concept is reviewed thoroughly to ensure mastery. It is as simple as that!

The future of education lies with Direct Instruction because it delivers the capabilities that children desperately need. As one head teacher says:

“Direct Instruction has been probably the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to the teaching profession.”

Many teachers would agree with her.


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