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Corrective Reading




Decoding and Comprehension

Intensive instructional support for primary or secondary students with reading difficulties.

Corrective Reading provides intensive, sustained direct instruction to address deficiencies in decoding and comprehension.

Designed to provide differentiated personalised instruction to each learner.

A complete core programme that uses:

  • Two major strands and four instructional levels address a wide range of reading problems.
  • The Decoding and Comprehension strands can be used separately as a supplemental reading intervention or combined for use as a comprehensive reading intervention programme.
  • Multiple points of entry and fast-cycle options appropriately address skill levels of students in Grades 4-Adult.
  • Fully integrated assessments monitor progress and guide movement through the programme.

Choose the Decoding strand for students who do not read accurately or whose oral reading is choppy, as well as for less fluent readers who lack comprehension when they read.

Select the Comprehension strand for students who need to develop vocabulary, background information, and reasoning skills that are the foundation of comprehension.


  • Research-based direct instruction teaching model
  • Direct teaching of critical skills and strategies to accelerate progress
  • Frequent interactions between teacher and students to maximize time spent learning
  • Teacher modeling and demonstration to boost student confidence and success
  • Guided and independent practice and application to gradually transfer responsibility for learning
  • Adequate practice and review to develop deep mastery of skills and concepts

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Corrective Reading enables teachers to take children from individual lesson sounds e.g. Lesson 6 level A, to full text e.g. Lesson 118 level C - in less than two years  (see below).  The result is transformational in attitude, motivation and self-respect. This programme is highly cost effective .

Sample Lessons

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Proven results with Corrective Reading
After 4 months of using the resource, the students had an average gain of 12 months in reading age

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Extracts from 'What works for pupils with literacy difficulties? The effectiveness of intervention schemes' as recommended by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

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Corrective Reading & Dyslexia
Corrective Reading & Dyslexia - download pdf

Handy Tip
When teaching both the Decoding and Comprehension strands of Corrective Reading, the comprehension strand should be taught one level behind Decoding Strand ie. Comprehension A with Decoding B1; Comprehension B1 with Decoding B2 etc.