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Dear Teaching Professional,

Welcome to our resources. I hope that we can help you to give your pupils and students the best that they deserve.

Our purpose at SRA/McGraw-Hill is simple - to help each child achieve success, whatever their ability. Every child becomes a successful reader and writer via a unique combination of strategies. Kingscourt can help you to provide a wide range of resources, each of which focus on a specific approach, to ensure that all children are given the best chance to succeed.

With SRA/McGraw-Hill, you get the reassurance that each resource has been fully researched and has proven success. Join over 20,000 schools whom already use our resources in the UK and Eire - order on evaluation, become a pilot school, send us a review or make a suggestion.

We look forward to helping you make a difference to children's lives.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Ince, General Manager, UK Schools

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In the beginning …

A lesser man would have given up. Admittedly his oversized shoe box with its sections of coloured story cards and questions, which the students could mark themselves, didn't look like a text book; and that's what the educational publishers he took it to said – “It isn't a text book, and we only publish books.”

But he didn't give up, and eventually found himself outside a building with the sign “Science Research Associates” above the doorway. It wasn't the sort of name you would associate with a schoolbook publisher, and indeed it wasn't – it produced aptitude tests for soldiers returning from the Korean wars trying to find a job. Knowing almost nothing about publishing school books the owner of the small company – SRA – thought the cardboard box looked interesting, its operation fascinating, and, since he had an open mind, said he'd have a go at publishing it. It was the best decision he ever made.

And so the account goes. From that meeting between Don Parker (the author) and Lyle Spenser (of SRA) grew the most influential, the most widely used, reading improvement materials in the field of education - the SRA Reading Laboratories. Over 100 million students have used the SRA Reading Labs with their incrementally progressive reading levels to become fluent readers and, at the same time, release teachers to give 1-1 instruction.

The early 1970's saw the introduction of Direct Instruction. During its 50 year history SRA's outstanding success has brought it to the attention of international corporations anxious to have such a remarkable Company as part of their operations, especially since the extraordinary impact of the Direct Instruction Programmes in Reading. For many years SRA has been part of The McGraw-Hill Companies, one of the leading educational publishers in the world.

The effect of these programmes on student reading, comprehension and study skills (particularly in curriculum content areas) has been nothing less than transformational.


The SRA Reading Labs are still so much in demand that almost all of the series 1 and 2 have been revised again to meet the interests of today's students.

The resounding success of Reading Mastery (Primary Level) and Corrective Reading and Comprehension (Secondary Level) is based on two basic principles:

  • All children can learn when taught correctly, regardless of past history

  • All teachers can be successful, given effective teaching materials and presentation techniques.

When your students, with you and Corrective Reading, make the rapid strides necessary to catch up, you will see why we are so passionate about Direct Instruction.

Many children are desperately in need of this approach.

We cannot reach all schools, but we do invite you to contact us for, at least, some initial information.

Click here for details on how to contact us.