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ISBN: 9780335246762
Division: Open University Press
Pub Date: OCT-12
Pages: 240

Edition: 01
Format: Paperback
Availability: In Stock


Improving Primary Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Mary McAteer
(Edge Hill University)


About the book

This book stems from the authors’ shared passion for primary mathematics teaching and offers an exploration of contemporary issues facing teachers. Drawing on research and case studies from practice, the book explores a wide range of concepts as starting points for professional reflection and personal development to improve teaching and learning in primary mathematics. Topics covered include:
  • Using children’s mathematical misconceptions to support teaching and learning
  • The role of talk in developing mathematical understanding
  • Evidence-based teaching and learning
  • Making mathematics real and purposeful beyond the classroom
  • The role of games in teaching and learning mathematics
  • ICT and mathematics
The book illustrates the ways in which professional development that is rooted in practitioner inquiry and research enables teachers to advance their practice, resulting in improved outcomes for their pupils.

Improving Primary Mathematics Teaching and Learning is appropriate for teachers undertaking professional development programmes (e.g. MaST, MA programmes), trainee teachers and staff on those programmes, both local authority and independent.

Contributors: Mike Askew, Sue Bailey, Elizabeth Carruthers, Victoria Grinyer, Alice Hansen, Lynne McClure, Effie Maclellan, Suzan Nelson, Carol Rushworth-Little, Steve Sherer, Ian Thompson, Vivien Townsend, Maulfry Worthington.

"In this book Mary McAteer brings together contributors with a wealth of experience in research and practice. The way in which practical and theoretical perspectives are brought to life with case studies and examples make it a highly readable text and every chapter adds new insights into children's mathematics learning."
Dr Julia Anghileri, University of Cambridge (retired)