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ISBN: 9780335219889
Division: Open University Press
Pub Date: JUN-06
Pages: 136

Edition: 01
Format: Paperback
Availability: In Stock


Language for Learning Mathematics: Assessment for Learning in Practice

Clare Lee


About the book

Assessment for learning is a powerful way to raise standards and improve learning. However, as this book shows, effective assessment for learning in the mathematics classroom depends on pupils being able and willing to use mathematical language to express their ideas. When discussion, negotiation and explanation are encouraged, teachers use assessment for learning creatively, the work quickly becomes more challenging and the pupils come to see themselves as successful learners.

Many pupils find it difficult to express ideas in mathematics because of problems with the language that is used to convey mathematical concepts. This book shows teachers how to help pupils express what they really know and understand, so that assessment for learning can be used. The book:
  • Discusses what mathematical language is, and what it is not
  • Suggests practical approaches to introducing more discourse into the classroom
  • Explores the ideas of assessment for learning – rich questioning and dialogue, effective feedback, and peer and self assessment – and suggests how these can be used effectively in mathematics classrooms to improve learning
Language for Learning Mathematics is key reading for teachers and trainee teachers in mathematics, as well as assessment advisors at LAs.