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ISBN: 9780335197279
Division: Open University Press
Pub Date: MAY-97

Edition: 01
Format: Paperback
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Understanding Governance



About the book

Understanding Governance asks:

* What has changed in British government over the past two decades, how and why?

* Why do so many government policies fail?

* What does the shift from government to governance mean for the practice and study of British government?

This book provides a challenging reinterpretation which interweaves an account of recent institutional changes in central, local and European Union government with methodological innovations and theoretical analysis. It emphasizes: the inability of the 'Westminster model', with its accent on parliamentary sovereignty and strong executive leadership, to account for persistent policy failure; the 'hollowing out' of British government from above (the European Union), below (special purpose bodies) and sideways (to agencies); and the need to respond to the postmodern challenge, rethinking the methodological and theoretical assumptions in the study of British government. Professor Rhodes makes a significant and timely contribution to our understanding of government and governance.